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About Me

Why I Take Photographs

As an ever-advancing digital society, most of us interact with screened devices and man-made materials more than we engage with the natural world.  We too easily forget that we are part of nature, not separate from it, and our actions have profound impacts on our natural resources, our food and water supplies, our weather, and our health. 

I believe that to live sustainably and healthfully, we must rekindle our connection to and appreciation for nature.  I hope my work inspires you to find ways to get outside more and experience the natural world first hand. 

Photo credit:  Stephen Gorman

Photo credit: Stephen Gorman

A Little About Me

I am a molecular biologist by training, a sustainability advocate in practice, and an outdoor photographer by vocation.  After pursuing careers as a cancer biologist and then as a biosafety professional, I decided to honor my love of nature and conservation more actively by pursuing a long-standing interest outdoor photography. 

I am now the creator of Outdoor Photography School, an online resource to help photographers create better images and reconnect with nature.  My goal is to inspire others to spend more time exploring the great outdoors in a safe and respectful way with their cameras. 

I am a self-taught photographer with an insatiable desire to learn everything I can about my craft.  I am excited to share my images with the world and share my knowledge of photography with those who also want to pursue their dreams.

High quality, archival fine art prints are available for purchase through my galleries (details below).  Please feel free to contact me to discuss a personal purchase, a large corporate installation, editorial and commercial assignments or collaborative projects.

How to order prints

Thank you for your interest in my work.  All photographs are available for purchase.  Simply click on the Buy Print button on any photo in a gallery to link to the online shop.  Enter the holiday coupon code on checkout.  Prints are made using premium archival inks and are available on fine art professional paper, gallery wrapped canvas, metal, and wood.  

Please email me if you would like:

- to order a signed print

- to order premium photo prints mounted directly under acrylic glass (examples in this video)

- feedback on what print material or size might work best for the photograph you've chosen

- to discuss licensing

Note:  A high resolution image will be printed for your order.

Are you interested in learning about landscape photography or want to see a little of the Vermont countryside?  I post biweekly videos on YouTube where I teach photography tips and techniques while adventuring around Vermont.  Some videos are more about the nuts and bolts of photography, whereas others are more about enjoying the great outdoors.

I'd love to hear from you!  Please contact me at brendapetrella@gmail.com.

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